1- How do I sign up?

  •  Go to “Sign up” complete all the information requested and click on “Next”.
  •  Go to “Applicant´s sheet” and start filling all the information requested, make sure you “Save” it before finishing each screen.

2- Why is it necessary to enter all my personal information?

It is important for you to complete all your personal information because, that way, your chances to be considered in a selection process increase. The better we know you the better we can refer you.

3- Should I send my resume every time a job vacancy is opened or it is automatically considered?

After signing up and filling all your information once, you just have to click on “Apply” and your resume will be automatically considered in that process. Make sure your information is updated.

4- Can I update my resume anytime?

Yes, anytime you want to make changes or updates you consider necessary, enter “Go to your account”, “Edit my profile”, you can even load a picture to show on your resume.

5- Is it possible to contact you in order to know how is my process going?

Yes, you can contact us directly at the headquarters at T (511) 261-9700 or send an e-mail for inquiries at: informes@personnelgrp.com

6- How do I know my information was properly registered?

Once you sign up you will receive an information and acknowledgement email.

7- I am interested in a job offer, published by you. How could I participate in the process?

In order to apply to any of our selection processes you must be registered, if so, you just need to go to our “Job opportunities” section, look for the one you are interested in as per the positions that fit your knowledge and experience and click on apply. If you are not registered yet, follow the instructions detailed in the question number 1.

8- How can I get more information regarding the position I am interested in?

You can contact us directly at the headquarters at T (511) 261-9700 or send an e-mail for inquiries at: informes@personnelgrp.com.

9- If I wasn´t selected for the job I applied; could I be considered for another position?

Yes, it is possible; our Database is permanently consulted by our consultants and analysts, in the search for candidates fitting each profile.

10- Do I have the option to submit my resume in Word if I can´t enter la information in the “Sign up” section?

It is important to have your information in our database, if you have any difficulties please contact us at (511) 261-9700 or send us an e-mail for inquiries at: informes@personnelgrp.com

11- How can I change my password?

Click on “Sign in”, enter your username and password and go to the left side on “Edit my profile”, in that option you do the necessary changes.

12- I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

Click “Sign in”, at the top right margin of the webpage, in that box you can see the question “Forgot your password?” and follow the instructions they will give you.

13- How could I know in which situation is the selection process I am participating in?

If you are considered in the process, the Consultant or Analyst in charge will contact you; however, if you require more information you can call at (511) 261-9700.

14- How can I sign up for the Personnel´s Job Bank?

Enter your resume information in “Sign up”, you will be part of our database, where it will be available for any search we do. Don´t forget to update every change

15- Signing up in the Personnel´s Job Bank has any cost?

The search and selection service, resume registration and job placement, are totally free for our applicants.

16- When should I update my resume?

It is advised to do it every six months since all registrations not updated for more than 1 year, could not be considered in the automatic searches the system does.

17- What should I do after entering my resume in the Personnel´s Database?

From that moment, our Consultants will have access to your resume information. Once they identify that your resume fits the profile of any vacancies, they will contact you. However; we recommend you to frequently check our job offers and apply to that of your interest.

18- How can I consult the current job vacancies?

To consult our job openings you just have to go to “Job opportunities”.

19- How can I apply to a job opening?

  • If you found a job opening you are interested in our “Job opportunities”, check the details required on the same by clicking “See Offer” and that way you can know its content.
  • If you signed up and/or have a user and password, apply through the “Apply” key you will find at the end of the notice.
  • If you haven´t sign up yet, we invite you to do it.

20- How can I contract any of the services Personnel offers?

You can call us at the telephone (511) 261-9700 or send us a message for inquiries through “Contact us”, and we will be happy to assist you.

If you didn´t find the answer to your questions, send us an e-mail to informes@personnelgrp.com and we will be answering you soon.


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