Organizational Consulting

Human Resources Management by Competence

Management module designed to increase the competitiveness of employees and organizational productivity.

This service is aimed at identifying the skills and abilities possessed by executives, professionals and staff of the organization, in order to enable the company to align their intellectual capital with business strategy. Under this approach, are also evaluated their skills with projections of short, medium and long term. We use tools harmonized with dictionary skills (specific and general), thus promoting the formalization of the processes involved in human resource management (recruitment, training, career line).

People Training and Development

We structure programs to strengthen and enhance personal skills according to the specific needs of the companies, in order to contribute to the development plans of colleagues.

Workshops and seminars:

  • Customer service quality
  • Culture and organizational values
  • Communication, leadership, strengths and areas for improvement
  • Work teams and triadic power games
  • Comfort zone and resistance to change
  • Occupational-psychological risks, stress management and working under pressure
  • Business visual thinking
  • Changing my personal history
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Among other structured or tailored to the user

Work environment

Considering that the work environment is a determining factor in the productivity and success of organizations, we develop studies of the perception employees have about the environment in which they operate, identifying strengths and weaknesses in each area of the company and consequently as a whole, by using a methodology appropriate to each organization. We prepare a detailed report with results, conclusions, suggestions and action plans for continuous improvement.

Performance Evaluation

We develop a systematic process, based on a competencies approach and using the 360°methodology or other, which allow us to obtain information from each employee about his/her work, which facilitates decision-making regarding promotions, career paths, training needs and/or salary adjustments, actions that collectively strengthen strategies to improve the management of human resources.

Analysis and Job Description

We analyze and describe the functions and specifications of the various positions in the organizational structure, using a methodology suitable to their needs, in order to standardize aspects of training, experience, responsibilities and skills that are reflected in the Organization and Functions Manual (OFM).

Diagnosis and Development of Working Teams

We evaluate and provide participants with effective tools to develop teamwork, promoting new habits with common performance patterns, in order to consolidate ideas based on the prevention and resolution of problems and the opportunity for collective improvement. We offer to establish a passion for working together in order to achieve high levels of performance.

Labor audit

We focus on developing control measures to verify that both the administration of the organization and its relationship with third parties (labor intermediation and outsourcing activities), comply with internal policies, processes, procedures and the provisions of current regulations, giving recommendations. 


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